by Spencer Fernando

September 10, 2018

Another example of our broken system: Even when the left loses elections, they often impose their policies through the courts.

In a clear example of a judge acting like a politician, Doug Ford’s move to slash Toronto City Council was struck down.

Bill 5 – which was approved by the Ontario Legislature – and which the law clearly gives the provincial government the authority to implement – was struck down by an activist judge.

According to the CP“In a scathing decision, Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba said Ford and his Progressive Conservatives interfered with the right to freedom of expression for both candidates and voters when the province enacted the Better Local Government Act last month.

“There is no evidence that any other options or approaches were considered or that any consultation ever took place,” Belobaba wrote. “It appears that Bill 5 was hurriedly enacted to take effect in the middle of the city’s election without much thought at all, more out of pique than principle. “

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