(After an Alberta woman bought a latte only to discover it contained cleaning fluid, McDonald’s Canada acknowledged the company has had ‘other isolated incidents’ of the same nature. (Supplied by Sarah Douglas/Lethbridgenewsnow.com)

Red Deer man says he also bought a latte containing cleaning solution, and he’s not the only one

STORY UPDATE AUG. 3, 2018: Alberta Health Services confirmed that its inspectors examined the Red Deer restaurant’s equipment cleaning procedures on Aug. 2 and opened an investigation into the incident after CBC News published this story. 

A pregnant Alberta woman isn’t the only customer who has sipped a McDonald’s coffee to find it was actually cleaning fluid, CBC News has learned.

A man says the same thing happened to him in Red Deer, Alta. — and it seems there are other cases.

When CBC News inquired, McDonald’s Canada acknowledged the company has had “other isolated incidents” of the same nature.

Earlier this week, Sarah Douglas picked up a latte at a McDonald’s in Lethbridge and took a sip — only to spit it out when she tasted a mouthful of strong chemicals

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