by Spencer Fernando

June 25, 2018

While some on the far-left are trying to demonize Doug Ford for skipping the Toronto Pride parade, it is clear to most people that he made the right move.

As a ‘Live-and-let-live’ person, I think the government should stay out of people’s personal lives. I have attended pride parades before to show support for the LGBT community, and would do so again under the right circumstances.

However, in some cities – including Toronto – the pride parades are becoming increasingly taken over by radical leftists, who are turning the event from something that was truly inclusive (including inclusive of the police), into an extremist event.

Many years ago, the police conducted raids against LGBT people, and violence was often committed against gay people. Since then, the police have made amends, and shown support for the rights of all people. The police have offered support for pride parades, which you would think is exactly what everyone would want to see when it comes to inclusiveness.

However, that’s not enough for the radical leftists.

The leftists are now pushing the message of extreme black lives matter activists (who don’t speak for most black people or most people overall), and that includes extremist demands to ban the police from marching in the parade in uniform.

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