June 15, 2018

Some people don’t like President Donald Trump. I get it. I don’t always like things he says or does. Some people criticize his hair, his demeanor, his self confidence, his bluntness, his lack of political correctness, his methods of solving problems and more. Those are personal issues and have nothing to do with the results or lack of results he has created. Let’s consider some facts with important issues that Trump has addressed in less than 15 months:

1) THE ECONOMY – there can be no question that our economy is booming at record levels. One of the important reasons is Trump’s repeal of numerous rules and regulations that were imposed by Obama. This economic resurgence is 100% created by Trump and his policies.

2) Employment – at record levels and growing. Trump is unquestionably bringing jobs back to Americans.

3) Unemployment – a record low in the last 44 years plus record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and women.

4) ISIS – 15 months ago, ISIS was running amok throughout the world. Today, ISIS is almost extinct. We rarely hear the name ISIS even on liberal media.

5) Border Security – Substantially improved with increased border agents and technology.

6) North Korea – Trump has achieved incredible success averting a serious nuclear world problem. No other President has been even close of Trump’s achievements.

7) Iran – Have you noticed how quiet Iran has been since Trump cancelled the nuclear agreement (which was never approved by Congress!). I believe Iran is watching what Trump does with North Korea.

8) Foreign Trade – even the consistent Trump critic, Chuck Shumer, complimented the President for the China sanctions. Many people have not studied the foreign trade deficit issue. The facts are many countries, including China, Mexico, Canada, Germany and France have had big tariff’s on many American goods. Trump is leveling the playing field to give American businesses an equal opportunity to sell their goods abroad. The foreign countries obviously are vigorously opposing Trump – they want foreign trade to remain as is.

9) Tax reform – the tax reforms are working. American’s are putting more money in their pockets. The tax reforms are working and helping to substantially improve the economy.

10) DACA – Trump has reached out to Democrats (and GOP) willing to compromise and solve this serious issue. So far, the Democrats have been unwilling to work with Trump – they don’t want to give him the satisfaction or credit for solving this problem. That is very sad.

The bottom line is you don’t have to “like” Trump to recognize that he is working hard for America and American’s. His style and methods are not the traditional political rhetoric. He is a doer, not a talker. And, in less than 15 months, I believe his accomplishments are incredible. I hope and pray he continues even more achievements making America Great Again!