by Spencer Fernando

June 13, 2018

Reports say Andrew Scheer booted Maxime Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet because Bernier shared a chapter of his book about Supply Management.

With outrage growing after Maxime Bernier was booted out of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet, reports indicate that Scheer made the decision because Bernier posted part of his book on his website.

According to the CP“A senior Conservative source tells The Canadian Press Scheer made the decision after finding out Monday that Bernier had posted to his personal website a chapter on supply management that is part of his forthcoming book. “He made a commitment to the leader and to caucus that he would no longer promote his book and he mislead the leader and the caucus,” said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Bernier posted the chapter on June 5 but Scheer was not made aware of it until Monday.”

Of course, booting Bernier for this ‘reason’ will have the predictable effect of making many more people aware of the book chapter than would otherwise have been the case, in addition to angering the many Conservatives who supported him.

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