By: Candice Malcolm

May 25, 2018

The CBC thinks you and I are “far-right.” Why? Well, according to the state broadcasting, opposing illegal immigration, worrying about ISIS terrorism, and loving our country is all it takes to be far-right these days.

Over the Victoria Day long weekend, a group of protesters headed down to Roxham Road in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, to protest illegal immigration and the Trudeau’s government’s handling of the border crisis.

In response, a group of far-left group of violent anarchists staged a counter-protest. The leftist mob was violent – against both police officers and a right-wing journalist who accidently went to the wrong protest.

But how did the CBC cover this? You guessed it, they maligned the group protesting against illegal border crossings, while celebrating the counter-protesters – even though the latter were violent.

One of the “far-right” protesters interviewed by the CBC was a construction worker from Ottawa. His grandpa fought in WWII and his great-grandfather in WWI. He said he was worried about ISIS, illegal criminals and the safety of his community. Does that sound “far-right?”

Meanwhile, the organizer of the leftist campaign is a known leader of Antifa – the masked thugs who believe in using violent and vandalism to advance their communist ideology. The man encouraged his followers on Facebook to vandalize Queen Victoria statues because it “represents a legacy of genocide, mass murder, torture, massacre, terror, forced famines, concentration camps, theft, cultural denigration, racism, and white supremacy.”

These far-left groups believe that borders and Canadian identity are “racist” and they call themselves “anti-racist.”

They believe our government and police agencies are “fascist” and they call themselves “anti-fascist.”

These people are not only delusional, they represent the very far left fringe of the political spectrum in Canada.

And yet, the CBC used the “far-right” slur against a patriot blue-collar worker, and the self-described “anti-racist” label to describe the violent thug.

The CBC sides with people who hate everything about Canada, our society, our history and our values. Imagine how far to the left this “unbiased CBC reporter” must be to consider anarchists mainstream and patriotic working-class men to be “far-right.” Your tax-dollars at work!

Excellent Video by Candice Malcolm