by Dick Morris

May 24, 2018

Over the past five months, President Trumps ratings, according to the moving average, have flipped from 38-58 to 44-52 — a growth of six points in approval and a drop of six points in disapproval.

It would be easy — and wrong — to dismiss this change as the mere fluctuation of polling or margin of error. No way. Considering the enormous polarization of opinion Trump has engendered — and the intensity with which those who disapprove hate him — it is remarkable that six percent have come over from a negative to a positive view of the man. They had a very long distance to travel.

But six percent have jumped the wide synapse and now like Donald Trump — a conclusion they would have found unthinkable five months ago. And the polls that break down approval and disapproval to indicate the depth of the sentiment — (i.e. strong approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, and strong disapprove) — report that most of the six percent have gone from strong disapproval to strong approval, bypassing the somewhat” ratings in between. A great many have gone from hate all the way to love.

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