May 24, 2018

(Natural News) For the first time ever, the world’s most evil corporation may finally have to face up to their crimes in court. On June 18, 2018, one man will take Monsanto head-on, alleging that the company has been hiding the cancer-causing potential of Roundup for decades. Dewayne Johnson, a 48-year-old man from California is brave enough to fight cancer and Monsanto at the same time. Doctors say Johnson has just a few short months left to live, but his drive to make sure Monsanto pays for the toxin they’ve spread across the word is going to be hard to beat.

And now, his case against the biotech giant just got another helping hand; Judge Curtis Karnow issued an order last week that will allow jurors to not just consider evidence regarding what caused Johnson’s cancer — but also evidence that shows Monsanto’s been hiding the truth about glyphosate’s potential to cause harm.

“The internal correspondence noted by Johnson could support a jury finding that Monsanto has long been aware of the risk that its glyphosate-based herbicides are carcinogenic … but has continuously sought to influence the scientific literature to prevent its internal concerns from reaching the public sphere and to bolster its defenses in products liability actions. Thus there are triable issues of material fact,” Karnow reportedly stated.

The Guardian notes that some 4,000 plaintiffs have launched suits against the company similar to Johnson’s; they say that exposure to Roundup caused them (or their loved ones) to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In St. Louis, Missouri, another trial is scheduled to take place in October.

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