by Brian Lilley

May  20, 2018

The news that the latest Angus Reid poll would see the Conservatives take 40% of the popular vote to the Liberals 30% is a surprising story, almost as surprising as millennial voters fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives.

But the big news lies in the regional breakdowns which show a near wipe out for the Liberals west of Quebec.

The Angus Reid Institute poll surveyed 5,423 Canadians between March 6-15, 2018. That is a big poll and that means big regional breakdowns with smaller margins of error, meaning if they are paying attention the big brains at Liberal HQ should be sweating.

The regional numbers show the Liberals remain strong in Atlantic Canada, that they have weakened in Quebec and would lose a massive amount of seats in Ontario.

Take a look at this chart from the poll.

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