by Spencer Fernando

May 14, 2018

Social programs would be stretched far past the breaking point, the economy would suffer immense damage, and the already massive public debt would get even worse.

Andrea Horwath wants Ontario to be a sancutary province.

The NDP said those exact words in a January 31, 2017 press release titled “Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to Premir Wynne: Declare Ontario a “Sanctuary Province.”‘

Here’s what the release said about making Ontario a “sanctuary province”:

“Ontario can and must also step up and lead. In addition, I urge you to declare Ontario to be a sanctuary province. In recent years, cities like Toronto and Hamilton have shown tremendous leadership by making local services accessible to all residents, regardless of their immigration status. Now, our province must do the same. We must guarantee that services will always be accessible to everyone in Ontario.”


What this means is that anyone and everyone who crossed into Canada illegally – or was in violation of orders to leave the country, or was a criminal on the run from Border Services – would be able to get free healthcare, free education, welfare, and all the other services provided by the government – all without paying taxes or contributing.

Of course, people are glad to help citizens and those in Canada legally if they fall onto tough times and need some help. But that’s very different than opening up all services to people who are in Canada in violation of our laws.

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