By Brian Lilley


May 12, 2018

You can’t make this stuff up, Justin Trudeau was asked this week about a Canadian who fought for ISIS and returned to Canada and he dismissed the questions as a divisive political attack.

“Once again we see the Conservatives trying to drum up fear as a way of political attack,” Trudeau said in the House of Commons, later adding, “We saw this approach by the previous government in the last election. It does not work to try to scare and divide Canadians.”

Divide Canadians?

Which Canadians are divided on ISIS being a bunch of bad guys? No right thinking Canadian. Definitely not the people I’ve spoken with that have fled the region to escape the war and bloodshed.

Now just so you know what Trudeau was responding to this past Wednesday, it was a question from Conservative MP James Bezan.

Bezan wanted to know what the government was going to do about a Canadian that admitted to murder in an interview with the New York Times and reporter Rukmini Callimachi who runs a podcast on ISIS and its adherents called Caliphate.

“In the podcast, Abu Huzaifa states that he worked for ISIS enforcing sharia law in Syria. He brags about getting splattered with blood while brutally lashing people who broke their laws, and he proudly admits to murdering ISIS prisoners and having the irony smell of blood on his hands.

When is the Prime Minister going to stop allowing these bloodthirsty terrorists to walk on our streets, and throw them in jail instead?”

Pause for a moment and think about that.

The PM was asked about a Canadian that had admitted to the venerable New York Times, the bible of the progressives, that he had executed people. Trudeau’s response, dismiss the question, imply bigotry, attack the Conservatives.

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