April 24, 2018

(Natural News) After filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the Washington State Fusion Center in an attempt to gather information on Antifa and white supremacist groups, journalist Curtis Waltman surely wasn’t expecting to receive a mysterious zip file on “psycho-electric weapons,” yet, oddly enough, this is exactly what happened.

As reported by the Daily Beast, according to Muckrock, which is a nonprofit organization that publishes government information obtained through FOIA requests, these so-called mind-control documents originated from the Washington State Fusion Center in the form of a zip file titled “EM effects on human,” which included diagrams showing the horrors of “psycho-electronic weapon effects.”

For instance, one of the diagrams lists several different forms of torture that can be brought about through the use of remote mind-control methods, including “forced memory blanking,” “sudden violent twitching inside eyelids,” “wild flailing,” and even a remotely induced “forced orgasm.” While it’s not exactly clear how the documents ended up mixed in with the others included in the response to the FOIA request, there was reportedly no evidence supporting the notion that the “remote mind control” files came from any existing government program.

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