By Spencer Fernando

April 15, 2018

Report shows that nearly 40% of all the untreated sewage overflows in Canada take place in British Columbia.

B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan and the far-left have been busy trying to stoke fears about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in an effort to crush the essential project.

Yet, perhaps Horgan is also seeking to distract from the real pollution problem in B.C.

Huge amounts of untreated sewage flowing into the water.

According to a Toronto Star report based upon Statistics Canada data, nearly 40% of all sewage overflows in Canada took place in B.C.

“That means pathogens — bacteria, viruses or other harmful micro-organisms — could end up in waterways used for recreation or even drinking water,” the report notes.

Interestingly, we don’t hear John Horgan making a huge deal about this, do we?

The hypocrisy is stunning, since the sewage overflows are causing serious problems:

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