By Courtney Kirchoff
April 11, 2018
Lemme give you an idea of how the Facebook hearing with Mark Zuckerberg has mostly bumbled along: imagine explaining how Facebook works to your grandmother. Alive or dead. That’s largely how the hearing is going. One 33-year-old guy telling a bunch of old farts how tech works. Painful.Then Ted Cruz came up to bat:

The only thing wrong with the exchange was it didn’t last long enough. I needed time to get snacks.

Ted Cruz isn’t wrong. Facebook has been incredibly biased toward conservatives. One might say purposefully so.

The question Ted Cruz started with “Are you a neutral forum or a publisher engaging in political speech” may open up Zuckerberg’s Facebook to a slew of new issues. Especially considering Facebook isn’t, allegedly, a neutral forum.

What say you?

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