Ontario PC Leadership Candidate Doug Ford delivers an excellent speech to a very energetic crowd at the Rally For Ontario on February 2, 2018. Reminder, To Vote For Doug Ford You Must Join Before Feb. 16 1 year MEMBERSHIP $10 click here: https://secure.ontariopc.com/Partyjoin http://www.fordforleader.ca/


by Spencer Fernando


February 4, 2018

“People across Ontario are suffocating under the weight of high taxes and big government,” said Ford at the high-energy rally with over 1,500 in attendance.

At a huge rally, Ontario PC Leadership candidate Doug Ford pledged to oppose the carbon tax, fix outrageously high energy costs, and return power to the people of Ontario.

Ford’s rally for Ontario showcased his focus on the key issues facing the province, and his alignment with what core Conservative voters are demanding – a clear contrast between Kathleen Wynne’s elitist big government policies, and a low tax, small government agenda based on putting money back in the pockets of taxpayers.

In his remarks, Ford directly challenged Justin Trudeau on the carbon tax:

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