January 13, 2018

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was disbanded after Democrats obstructed their investigation and several states refused to comply with information requests. President Trump handed the investigation over to the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and now Democrats will have a hard time blocking the investigation into voter fraud, which a recent Pew research study suggests is rampant.

The Presidential Commission was set up in order to investigate “voter impersonation, vote buying, non-citizen voting, dead voters, felon voting, fraudulent addresses, registration fraud, elections officials fraud, and duplicate voting” said the Government Accountability Institute. While the investigation was hampered by Democrats, Pew Research conducted a study and found 1.8 million registered voters who were deceased, another 24 million with invalid voter registrations, and 2.75 million people registered in more than one state.

While underage voting is a problem with 292 minors voting during the 2016 general election, the dead people casting ballots is more concerning. The presidential commission uncovered 45,880 voters who cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election who were more than 115 years old, many of whom were born before 1700. These numbers are vastly under-reported because of the commission’s inability to get states under a democratic stronghold to comply with voter information request.

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  1. This is pretty remarkable. In listening to the video, the interview says that when Dems tried to obstruct the process, and the voter fraud investigation was disbanded, it only meant that Dems lost their place at the table, and the investigation continues with Republicans, which suits me fine–they have done nothing but obstruct with this president, like children. We’ll especially need to reduce this fraudulent voting if we grant amnesty to so many illegals, who will vote Democrat far more than Republican.