What you are about to read is the most shocking content I have ever published; PLEASE SHAREA few observations now that The Marriage survey is over. It's been fascinating to observe the way certain sides of politics have trained their young people to believe that ones entire identity revolves around sexuality. Political parties like The Greens have played our children like pawns.The doctrine of Equality has been weaponised for social engineering that goes on in plain sight. At the turn of the century Marxism declared heterosexual monogamous Marriage as… "FIRST CLASS ANTAGONISM"This class conflict had to be overcome by destroying our core institutions, Marriage & Family. In 1917 Alexandra Kollontai the first woman commissar of The Bolshevik Central Committee set out revolutionary measures to assist which included the legalisation of homosexuality, abortion, no fault divorce and sexual freedom for all youth. Lenin himself realised how quickly they caused chaos and slowed them down.So when we talk consistently about cultural Marxism there's a reason! These people continue to organise and have conventions in honor of their original founder.The final paragraph of his famous Manifesto, Karl Marx writes:“We disdain to conceal our views and aims. Communists openly declare that their ends can be attained only through the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”Antonio Gramsci & Max Hodann were both Marx devotees who nurtured and gave rise to the most infamous sex educator of our time, Alfred Kinsey. This sicko reports observations of orgasms in over 300 children aged from two months to fifteen years. He was also making his own pornography with staff in the name of research and his most sworn disciple is that of an emerging publisher, Hugh Hefner.The rest is history….

Posted by Politicalpostingmumma on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Warning: Disturbing and shocking information on video.

If you want to know the history behind the horrendous onslaught of the sickening sex curriculum that is sweeping the world…this video will explain it well. Politicalpostingmumma has trumpeted the atrocities that lead us to our crisis in school education today. It is sick.

It is 9 minutes of your time that will unveil the disgusting minds behind the sordid dissemination of the assault on our kids that we are experiencing today. A woman named Judith Reisman has been a champion in exposing this for years.

This is why parents are up in arms. This is why we, as non-perverted guardians, are at a loss as to what on earth people are thinking?? The seeds of the twisted culture we face today are embedded in the foundation of the Kinsey experiments which gave licence to Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, to indulge in all manner of evil and spread it across our world. There are those in our culture who still hold Kinsey up with honour…He’s a freak!

The destigmatization of pedophilia is the next destructive onslaught of perversion in our world.

I wrestle with sharing information like this and yet we must know! We must not be unaware of the cunning craftiness of pure evil roaming the earth seeking whom it may devour. I urge you to then read the commentary by Politicalpostingmumma on her October 10th post.

Protect your kids. Be angry…be very angry!