December 20, 2017

(Natural News) Put aside for a moment the fact that the economically illiterate Left goes utterly insane over everything promoted by President Trump or the GOP. In the real world, Trump’s revolutionary tax reform package — which just passed both the U.S. Senate and House — will mean a rapid expansion of the Health Ranger Store and Natural News operations due to the fact that we can keep more profits to reinvest in our growth.

President Trump and the GOP, in other words, just delivered a tax relief Christmas blessing that will enable small businesses like us to do things such as:

  • Invest in larger facilities and buildings
  • Hire more American workers
  • Lower product costs to consumers through efficiencies of scale
  • Invest in R&D for nutritional supplement formulas
  • Acquire nutritional product manufacturing equipment
  • Expand our video news studio
  • Expand our existing science laboratory by acquiring more instruments and lab technicians

In other words, President Trump and the GOP just made it easier for small, innovative businesses to compete with the corporate giants that have special access to lawmakers. Now, for the first time in the history of our operation, we will no longer have to pay punitive federal tax rates that are easily evaded by ultra-wealth corporate giants like Amazon, Google or Apple.

In other words, President Trump’s tax reform bill just helped level the playing field so that small businesses can more effectively compete with Big Business. Ultimately, this means lower prices and greater product innovation that benefits you.

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