The Deep State continues to take President Donald J. Trump down. Having offered $200,000.00 to lie about

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Woman Offered $200,000 to File Sex Charges on Trump, 1934 Synopsis: Well, here it comes. The desperate Democrats are getting set up now for their final push in their weak attempt to bounce Pres. Trump out of office. They have gotten rid of two of their most problematic members of Congress in hopes that this will set a sufficient precedent in the public mind too then use it against Trump. The latest Trump accuser is a woman named Summer Zervos, a contestant on The Apprentice in 2005. Last Tuesday, December 5, Zervos appeared in New York City with – guess who – Atty. Gloria Allred. Zervos claims that Trump kissed her 12 years ago on the lips without her consent – twice – no less. And on the second occasion, he grabed her shoulder, placed his other hand on her breast, and pressed himself against her. In the B.O. era (before Obama), this would have met with the swift justice of a good slap in the face — UNLESS – the woman was there in his Beverly Hills hotel room to get something for herself. Well, what do you know, she’s already admitted that she was there to try to get a job. Really? Is this the best the Deep State can dredge up? Trump has called her allegations: ”… false smears for personal fame, [and] total lies.” Consequently, Zervos is suing President Trump for defamation in New York for this Trump’s shocking rejoinder to her shocking allegations about a big, shocking 12-year-old nothing if you ask me.