by Spencer Fernando

November 29, 2017

The Conservatives changed the criminal code to make it a crime to leave Canada and fight for ISIS, yet the Trudeau Liberals seem unwilling to jail the Jihadis.

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau battled in the House of Commons over how to deal with returning ISIS fighters, with Scheer demanding tougher measures while Trudeau emphasized a far weaker approach.

Scheer pointed out that the previous Conservative government brought in legislation that made it a crime to leave the country and fight for a terrorist organization, which should give the government the ability to jail returning ISIS fighters.

Yet, instead of committing to stronger measures to protect Canadians, Trudeau attacked the Conservatives, insanely accusing them of “Islamophobia” and “fearmongering,” despite the fact that fear of Islamist terrorism is a totally logical response to the horrific death toll it has unleashed upon the world.

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