November 12, 2017

Billionaire globalist George Soros has claimed that he is “some kind of God” and that “normal rules don’t apply” to him.His reasoning for his God-complex is that he insists that he “created everything” and “controls America” due to his dedication to ushering in the New World Order.

The Hungarian-born Nazi sympathizer uses his wealth and powerful influence in every corner of the world to twist society and international economies to suit his own agenda and globalist policies.By influencing heads of state, and using his Open Societies Foundation to cause civil unrest, he has been instrumental in the mass influx of migrants throughout Europe and the United States.

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  1. Once one thinks they are a God or God-like, means there downfall will soon pass and likely will be swift. Any and all societies which put MAN as their ‘God’ are societies that will fall as no man is perfect. So if a society emulates man as God, since he along with any other man is fallible, that society is also then fallible and WILL FALL!

    Simply this, post reformation, even if one is agnostic or atheistic, the rise of the greatest society in history, the Western Developed World, did so on the back of Christianity as it’s general spiritual base. Western Society has not been and is not perfect as it’s governed by fallible men. But the use of post reformation Christianity as a spiritual, moral and ethical guide allowed the Western Developed World to bloom, flourish and become the greatest society man has ever seen.

    So mankind NEEDS the idea of a ‘God’ as a higher power in order for fallible man to better govern himself and society. Jesus as Christian’s Son of God and his life of teachings helped make the WEST THE BEST!

    No other ‘God-like’ society has achieved the same glowing results. One society of many we see worships a false and unforgiving god and it is a global society mired backwardness and killing, fear and misery. Atheistic, Communist type societies also fall short and inevitably fail, not just because Socialism/Communism DOES NOT WORK! But also since it is governed by often one man’s flawed ethics and morals and not a God’s it inevitably leads to injustice, ignorance, arrogance, fear, paranoia and a God mentality of this type of man and in the end said society lives under tyranny.

    Only post reformation Christianity could have morally aided and ethically, led the development of the Western Developed World, as it’s Christian values are steeped in the ideals of individual responsibility to run along side with liberty as part of how this western world bloomed. From individual responsibility and freedom/Liberty comes compassion to give back to the society built on this, as flawed as said human governed society may be.

    No other God-like religion and certainly no atheistic, Socialist/Communist system has EVER achieved what the post reformation Christian God ideals Western Developed World has, even with its warts and all. Prove me wrong if one disagrees.