by Spencer Fernando

October 3, 2017

Jagmeet Singh & reporter Terry Milewski have a tense exchange discussing the Air India bombing.

In an interview with Power & Politics on CBC, new NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was repeatedly asked the following question by reporter Terry Milewski: Is it acceptable for Talwinder Singh Parmar – who Milewski refers to as the architect of the Air India Bombings and Canada’s worst mass murderer – to be held up as a martyr and have posters of him displayed in a positive manner?

Singh was asked the question four separate times. Each time, he chose not to give a yes or no answer, instead trying to direct the conversation onto his vague Trudeau-style talking points – though he did clearly denounce the bombing as he has in the past. Watch the tense exchange below:

Jagmeet Singh wanted the interview questions ahead of time.

Before the interview began, Terry Milewski tweeted that Jagmeet Singh wanted the interview questions ahead of time, and threatened to cancel the interview if he didn’t get them.

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