By Spencer Fernando


April 7, 2017

It’s a tax grab being sold as an “environmental policy.” That’s total BS.

If a tax is proposed on the basis of accomplishing a specific goal and it fails to accomplish that goal, what does it mean when politicians push for that tax anyway?

It was never about accomplishing anything other than taking your money.

Throughout history we have seen a repeating pattern. Politicians declare an emergency, and demand that a new tax be introduced to give the government the revenue it needs to manage the emergency or achieve a specific objective. Often, the tax is promised to be only “temporary,” but it invariably becomes permanent.

In time, the government stops talking about the emergency or the objective, but they don’t stop taking the money. And thus, government becomes larger and more powerful, while the people lose more financial freedom.

In our era, that is exactly what’s happening with the carbon tax.

The carbon tax is being justified based on a lie, and this lie is meant to cover up the fact that the carbon tax is nothing more than a good ole’ fashioned tax grab.

The elitist politicians say the carbon tax is meant to reduce emissions. Alright. Let’s assume that’s true. Therefore, if it doesn’t work, it should be eliminated right?

Wrong, according to the elites.

The evidence of the failure of carbon taxes is piling up, yet none of our foolish “leaders” seem to listen to the facts, and none of them are backing down from ramming the carbon tax through.

The facts don’t justify a carbon tax


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