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BRAINWASHED: Climate change activists have been convinced to support the very thing that will...

If there is one thing people ought to know by now, it’s that you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read on the internet

Secret Rulers of the World – Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones & Mike Hanson...

From Jon Ronson's series "World of Wonder" on British Television

Conrad Black: This summer’s most maddening pests are on the climate-crusading, Trump-hating, culture-censoring left

The Paris treaty provided for the expenditure by 2040 of US$3 trillion in subsidies for green energy (especially wind and solar), to get them to provision less than three per cent of the world’s energy needs

Nobody in America is Talking About This… Drag Queen teaching your kids!!!

Really? Does this represent the people? I say not!

BC Politics: The Brass Ring Proves Hard To Grasp, by Jim Hume

The Legislature sits on Thursday, June 22, with the first order of business being the election of a Speaker who will preside over the Throne Speech debate and the anticipated demise of the Liberal government

Walmart Stores become Fema Camps!? (Video) A Must Watch!

Evidence Suggesting That Closed Walmarts Are Staging Centers for FEMA Camps

Dr. Tim Ball Crushes Climate Change: The Biggest Deception In History

With a 50-year academic career focusing on Historical Climatology, Dr. Tim Ball is uniquely qualified to address man-made climate change, and he demonstrates that it is a flat-out hoax. Thinking people everywhere should get multiple copies of this book and hand them out to everyone they know. ⁃ TN Editor

ICE Raids Dozens of Convenience Stores in MASSIVE Move… But Look What the Media’s...

Over 60 people were arrested, and already 35 of them have been indicted by a Federal grand jury, with federal conspiracy charges for money laundering, distributing controlled substances and trafficking contraband cigarettes

EXCLUSIVE: Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks

Over one thousand Syrian refugees were welcomed into Hamilton, Ontario. However, one year after the newcomers arrived, local attitudes are shifting

Postmedia’s death will be a catastrophe — and nobody knows what to do about...

by Paul Adams iPolitics Insights June 16, 2017 There’s a civic disaster brewing in Canada with its news industry. The public doesn’t understand it. Policy makers dare not...