By Spencer Fernando

March 19, 2018

Angus Reid poll shows Canadians see Conservatives as the best party to form government.

A new poll by Angus Reid confirms the fact that support for the Trudeau Liberals is sinking in the wake of numerous government scandals, policy failures, and a weakening economy.

40% of decided and leaning voters say they will vote Conservative, while 30% say they will vote Liberal, and 19% say they will vote NDP.

The Greens and the Bloc have 6% and 4% respectively.

The Trudeau Liberals have fallen far behind in Ontario, with 38% of respondents in the vote-rich province saying they will vote Conservative, vs just 26% saying they will vote Liberal and 15% saying they will vote NDP.

As noted by Angus Reid, the Conservative lead in Ontario has grown from 5% in the last quarterly poll to a full 12% in the new survey.

B.C. remains a battleground, with 29% saying they will vote Conservative and 28% saying they will vote Liberal.

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