Nigel Farage: Globalists Hate Christians And Want War With Russia

Nigel Farage joins Alex Jones live via Skype for an exclusive interview where the famous Brexit leader lays out why he believes the Globalist forces fomenting war want to demonize Russia.

Cleaning House: Doug Ford Vows To Fire $6 Million Hydro One CEO And Entire...

“Nobody should get rich off ripping off the taxpayers.”

Feds’ Fake News Cost $577K

Ten federal agencies last year paid a national broker almost $577,000 to distribute newspaper stories ghostwritten by government employees

Ron Paul: Assad Gassing His Own People is “Total Nonsense”

Former Congressman Ron Paul has strongly argued following the alleged chemical gas attack blamed on the Syrian government that it makes no logical sense for Assad to order a gas attack, and has called the accusations a telltale sign of a false flag attack meant to provide justification for the U.S. military to maintain a presence in Syria

The Trudeau Liberals Are Trying To Demonize Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners

While the Trudeau Liberals falsely claim that Bill C-71 isn’t about re-creating the gun registry, their behind-the-scenes political actions are telling a very different story

Deep State? What about elite television news anchors?

The elite news anchor is the eunuch: “trusted everywhere”

This Week In Money featuring Dr. Jerome Corsi

https://youtu.be/x--mdQik0WA Dr. Jerome Corsi – Killing The Deep State, Stock Markets and the Uptick Rule. Guest's Twitter: https://twitter.com/jerome_corsi?ref_...    

Vancouver Area Mayors Not Running for Re Election? Bob Mackin

Are Political Parties Lawsuit Proof?

Trump Recruited By Military 3 Years Ago! Dr. Jerome Corsi (Video)


Mark Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Censorship of Diamond and Silk Was ‘Enforcement Error’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed before Congress today that YouTube stars Diamond and Silk were limited on the platform due to an ‘enforcement error.’