Leaks, fake news, and hidden agendas

Thousands of articles have been written about the so-called Russian hack of the US election. The term “Russian hack” suggests the Russkies actually found a way to subvert the results of voting machines

Democrats Freak Out as Kanye Flips the Black Vote that Could Doom the Leftist...

  https://youtu.be/oIdeuhE3ELo By Bill Whittle May 4, 2018 If Democrats lose more than 15% of the black vote, they will lose national elections. Kanye West has 28 million Twitter...

Report: North Korea To Release 3 US Prisoners

By Spencer Fernando SpencerFernando.com May 3, 2018 Conciliatory move comes ahead of Trump-Kim summit. In what many are calling a win for US President Donald Trump’s tough approach...

Jack Mintz: A revolt brews in B.C. as its anti-pipeline premier guzzles up taxes

A tax revolt is bound to start building up in British Columbia as the provincial government hikes one tax after another

Instead Of Going Along With Paris Agreement Farce, Scheer Should Admit That The Accord...

It makes sense politically for Scheer to say he can meet the Paris climate targets with his upcoming plan, but the truth is that no country really thinks they’re going to meet the targets and any talk otherwise is just BS

Spencer Fernado joins Jim Goddard on the Goddard Report

No Excuse for High Gasoline Prices

Zuckerberg’s Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election...

Since the 2016 election Facebook has been cracking down on conservative and pro-Trump content

Canada Suddenly Wants U.S. To Enforce Its Immigration Laws – To Protect Canada

Things sure change quickly, don’t they? Remember when Canada’s Justin Trudeau made a big deal about how migrants are so welcome in Canada?

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering "gene therapy" treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run

Counterthink video: Bill Cosby found guilty but Bill Clinton still at large

Bill Cosby has been found guilty on all three charges, potentially subjecting him to life in prison (he’s 80 years old, and the charges carry up to 30 years of imprisonment)