If you think you can handle the truth, well here it is folks…

I hope this opens peoples eyes to how things really are in today’s society. Its all about if people are really, really open to what exactly is going on in this world today. The big question is, can you really handle the truth? because that is what you’re going to get, not only in this video, but on this website

How the Fed went from lender of last resort to destroyer of American wealth

Early morning, December 16, 2008, with a drizzle of freezing rain falling, few would even glance at the line of inconspicuous Mercury Marquis sedans pulling up to Washington, DC’s Fairmont Hotel. Emerging from the luxurious four-star establishment, their Foggy Bottom home eight times a year, are eleven little-known bureaucrats with their contingent of requisite subordinates.

Joe Rogan talks with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo

Turns out Alex and his Infowars now have access to the White House Briefing Sessions, as well as other Independent News Journalists and Broadcasters
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