Edmonton looking at SNC-Lavalin to build Valley Line West LRT

Embattled Quebec engineering giant among teams on construction short list

MP’s Putting Strange Limits On Free Speech Debate. Spencer Fernando

CBC National costing a lot more but getting fewer viewers

Maxime Bernier: Free speech is for confrontations, not just agreements | David Menzies

Exclusive! Rebel Media interviews PPC Leader Maxime Bernier about the potential resurrection of the anti-free speech provision, Section 13, to the Canadian Human Rights Act

Canada, China, Admission Scandals, Waste Money. Bob Mackin

Metro Vancouver mascots “Pee” and “Poo”

Parkland SRO Arrested – Child Negligence, Culpable Negligence and Perjury Charges…

The school resource officer, Scot Peterson, who did not respond during the shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year, has been arrested on negligence, child neglect and perjury charges

Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair,” but that’s sharia law and “it’s coming...

The honesty was refreshing albeit highly disturbing: A Muslim Al Quds Day protester in Toronto on June 1 advocates that Canada should be ruled by Sharia law.

Truth About the Illuminati – Behind The Deep State

Founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, the secret society worked to infiltrate and hijack Freemasonry.

DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE: Justin Trudeau Voted AGAINST Saying ISIS Committed Genocide, Now He Accuses Canadians...

The European Union and United States both agreed that ISIS was committing genocide.

MPs – Including Conservatives – Vote To Shut Down Video Feed Of Free Speech...

by Spencer Fernando June 4, 2019 Canadians deserve total openness from the government, not a bunch of politicians telling us what we can and can’t see. In...
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