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Texas School Board Votes to approve a Pedophile-Friendly Sex Education Curriculum that promotes Sodomy,...

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) Board of Trustees voted October 28 for a “sex education” program which exposes 3rd–8th grade children to content that a number of parents are objecting to as inappropriate and harmful

Trump’s Thanksgiving Trap for Fake News – Dustin Nemos

Fake News reported the President spent Thanksgiving Day playing golf and tweeting, when in fact he was flying to Afghanistan to celebrate the holiday with the troops.

Union says more than 6,000 provincial Alberta jobs to be axed

Government documents released by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees show the government is set to chop more than 6,000 employees from their payroll.

Uh oh… what’s up with Julian Assange? Impeachment shenanigans! – Dustin Nemos

 How Crack-Smoking Hunter Biden Chose to Relax After a Long Day on the Burisma Board

Smith: Indoctrination in Alberta’s classrooms must stop

by Danielle Smith Calgary Herald November 29, 2019 The efforts to convince Canadians that the Alberta energy sector is the best in class and deserves to be supported...

Bill Clinton’s name found 21 times in sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s directory

Lawyers sifting through documents related to the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy sex offender accused of pimping out an underage gir

British police defend decision to not pursue Prince Andrew sex trafficking claims

British police on Thursday defended the decision to not fully investigate sex trafficking claims by Prince Andrew’s accuser — something she has blasted as “corruption” in the highest levels of government.

What Exactly Are They Spraying In the Sky? Lionel and Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering...

Look up! What are they spraying? First, don’t call them Chemtrails. If anything, refer to them as Geoengineering. But what are they?

Wexit, Conservatives, PPC, and Antifa. Peter Downing

Official language of Western Canada

Scheer to appoint Liberal floor-crosser as deputy leader

The Western Standard has learned that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will appoint Leona Alleslev as his Deputy Leader tomorrow.