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Trump supporters turn out in London a day after protests

Thousands of Trump supporters and right-wing activists took to the nation’s capital on Saturday — a day after anti-Trump protesters had dominated the city

Trump savages London mayor: Look at what is going on in London, I think...

The President mentioned the numerous terrorist attacks across Europe, especially in London, which had four attacks just last year

Most Trudeau Cabinet Chumps Remain In Place After Shuffle

Big name failures like McKenna, Hussen, and Morneau stay in their spots

DIVISIVE: After “Un-Canadian” Attack, Ahmed Hussen Must Resign Or Be Fired

Trudeau’s immigration minister is now siding with illegal border crossers and demonizing Canadians who want our border respected. That can’t be allowed

Q ANON: Cooperating witness [Power removed] Peter Strzok (Video)

Q ANON: "Cooperating witness part ONE

Once-banned videos now starting to appear on REAL.video… prepare for massive attacks against Mike...

Explosive Sandy Hook video banned by YouTube now available on REAL.video

FATAH: Trudeau should take a leave of absence

“I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I would never have been so forward,” Trudeau reportedly said

Ratings for Fake News CNN Imploding!!!

CNN collapses behind the Food Network!!!

Justin Trudeau Should Admit He Wants Open Borders

It’s now beyond obvious that he and his government don’t believe in borders, don’t believe borders should be respected, don’t believe our nation has the right to enforce our laws, and don’t even believe in the idea of Canada as a nation at all

WARNING: 9 out of 10 popular cell phone models exceed regulatory limits for radiation

by Isabelle Z. July 8, 2018 (Natural News) Cell phone radiation is a big concern for many people, but manufacturers have largely downplayed the risks, and they’re...
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