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Trudeau’s Plan Fully Exposed. Watch and Decide for yourself…

This is a great representation of what is going on.

Hero Pastor Artur Pawlowski Touring U.S. to Empower Others to Stand for Religious Freedom…

Pawlowski, who was arrested in Canada for refusing to shut down his church services, is making stops in Colorado, Virginia, New York, and more.

COVID Postmortem Finds ‘Viral RNA In Nearly All Organs’ & Pakistan Blocks SIM Cards...

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CDC Removes 150K Deaths From VAERS System – Vaccine Genocide

MIRROR SOURCE: https://www.cnbsnews.live/documentaries/cdc-removes-150k-deaths-from-vaers-system-vaccine-genocide/        

B.C. prepares mandatory vaccination for senior care homes

With overall COVID-19 infection continuing at a low rate all week, B.C. reported one new outbreak at a senior care home Friday, as public health officials prepare to increase protection for senior care home residents.

Bill Holter – [CB] Plan Has Failed, The Process Of Destruction Has Already Begun…

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals, he collaborates with Jim Sinclair.

Power Outside The Matrix: Inventing New Reality, by Jon Rappoport

There are two major effects of overall mind control.

Trap Set, These People Are Stupid, Do You See The Storm Forming, Panic In...

The [DS] is in trouble, the patriots have been investigating the leakers since 2017 and now the information was released to the public, the NYT spun the story using the keyword seize but this was by the book investigation following the rule of law.

“If They Don’t Have the Ballots, They Don’t Have the Victory” – BOOM! Eric...

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens joined Steve Bannon and The War Room on Friday morning to discuss the Arizona forensic audit.