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Trudeau’s West Grey accuser was much younger than first thought

“She was much, much younger than that,” the wealthy Canadian businessman told The Chronicle yesterday. He was not a party to the $2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement that she signed, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th.


In a shocking last minute surprise in Canada’s federal election, the Conservative Party of Canada was caught by Globe and Mail journalists having hired former Liberal hatchet man Warren Kinsella’s consulting firm to conduct a large scale operation to attack and discredit the People’s Party of Canada – a secret operation that was never supposed to be traced back to the Conservatives.

Bernier files complaint to elections watchdog over ‘secret’ campaign to smear his party

People's Party of Canada was target of social media campaign, according to documents

Greta Thunberg meets first real resistance during Alberta demonstration | Sheila Gunn Reid

https://youtu.be/u7HdBJdQSjs The Rebels Sheila Gunn Reid was in Edmonton catching all the scenes around the scam-filled climate change rally...   by the way, we've had climate change...

Liberals reveal they will regulate social media content if re-elected

In its response, the Liberal party made it clear that social media companies will have to abide by government “hate speech” rules or face consequences.

Kinsella consulting firm worked to ‘seek and destroy’ Bernier’s PPC party: documents

Source tells CBC News Daisy Group was acting for the Conservative Party of Canada

War, CNN, Troops Home, Trump Murder Plot, Weiner Laptop, CPS ABUSES – Dustin Nemos

ICE: Takedown of the largest darknet child porn website — hundreds charged worldwide

Greta Thunberg and her handlers run from questions in Edmonton! | Keean Bexte

Keean Bexte of Rebel News reports: We followed the only Tesla Model 3 in Edmonton to find Greta Thunberg at her hotel.

Debunking Mainstream Media Myths about the People’s Party of Canada. Mike & Joel Poulin.

https://youtu.be/0G1wM7OUJ78 talkdigitalnetwork 6.42K subscribers SUBSCRIBE Air Date: October 17, 2019 Father and Son Campaign for People’s Party in Surrey and White Rock . Guest's website: Mike Poulin - https://www.fleetwoodppc.ca/ Joel...

VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Insults Millions Of Canadians, Says “We Don’t Respect Conservatives”

by Spencer Fernando October 17, 2019 “Love and Courage” indeed… Jagmeet Singh has based his campaign on the personal slogan “Love and Courage.” But apparently, Jagmeet doesn’t extend that “love”...
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