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Greenpeace Founder Debunks Climate Change! (Dr. Patrick Moore)

https://youtu.be/9Vqlq3wsWrI StevenCrowder Published on 11 Sep 2018 SUBSCRIBE 2.5M Want to watch the full show every day? Join #MugClub! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Use promo codes "student" "veteran" "military" to get daily...

VIDEO: Woman In Hijab Throws Coffee On Canadians Protesting Murder Of Marrisa Shen

The media is doing everything to downplay it, while Justin Trudeau’s pathetic silence on Marissa Shen’s death – and the Syrian refugee accused of murdering her – continues.

As His Failures Pile Up, Trudeau Wants To Run Against Western Canada & Trump

Trudeau is willing to sacrifice Canada’s national unity and put our economy at risk if he thinks it will help him hold onto power.

WATCH: Maxime Bernier Announces The People’s Party Of Canada

Bernier says the current federal parties are dividing Canadians into little tribes, and nobody speaks for all Canadians, and for “ordinary people.”

Ann Barnhardt: “Islamic Sexuality A Survey of Evil”

https://youtu.be/rkQoqVoBBCk  Part 1 of 4 (MIRROR) ThLuckyOne Published on 15 Sep 2011 SUBSCRIBE All content, credits and copyright belong to Ann Barnhardt. Please visit the YouTube channel for Ann Barnhardt...

NUTSO: Jagmeet Singh (Polling Under 20%) Thinks Doug Ford Is “Fringe”

Jagmeet Singh is polling around 12-15%

Pope Francis Compares Vatican Whistleblower to Satan

Satan, the “Great Accuser,” has been unleashed against the bishops of the Church

Judges have their own notwithstanding clause September 11, 2018 Brian Lilley

September 11, 2018 Brian Lilley Lost in the discussion of Ontario Premier Doug Ford invoking the notwithstanding clause to push through passage of Bill 5 is...

Freeland’s shoddy Trump speech may cause us to suffer, by Candice Malcolm

The history books will not look kindly upon Chrystia Freeland for her 2018 “Diplomat of the Year” award from the esteemed Foreign Policy Magazine

Justin Trudeau is Far More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

We currently live in what I would argue is the best civilization ever created in any place or at any time in human history. It isn't perfect, but it is amazing when you consider our humble beginnings and if you compare us to the rest of the planet