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Canada Must Reject Globalism & Embrace Populism Instead

Populism is about making sure that the true views of the people are represented by the government. It puts more power directly in the hands of citizens, as opposed to letting elitist politicians impose a globalist agenda that nobody really agreed to

Former FBI Agent Unleashes on Strzok: ‘That Pr*ck Used the Dossier to Obtain a...

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) asked the FBI Director if the Hillary-funded garbage dossier was used to spy on Trump’s camp and Wray refused to answer

Where Was Vegas Swat Team Night Of Shooting?

https://youtu.be/ukLoJqadeOM Courtesy of December 8, 2017 Tucker Carlson visited Las Vegas discussed the mass shooting event with a lawyer and a casino security expert – more questions...

Cryptos, China, Middle East, and Fake News with Gerald Celente

Trump Tax Plan, Clintons, Wars, and Pot

Major GE job cuts hit countries who slammed Trump over climate change (video)

European workers unions are protesting in outrage over the loss of jobs, according to the Reuters report

Cannabis Legalization In Canada Is NOT What You Think!

Josh Sigurdson reports from the mountains of British Columbia, Canada on the rollout of marijuana legalization as Justin Trudeau's Liberal government maps out their cannabis regulatory complex

Deep 6 The Deep State with Dick Morris (Video) December 5th

Inside Story of FBI Plotting Against Trump -Dick Morris Deep 6 the Deep State w Dick Morris exposes Deep State operatives sabotaging Trump and our Republic.

Thomas Fire in California: A Manmade Disaster

Once again we have afire erupting from nowhere and blowing AGAINST the Jetstream and prevailing natural wind direction, and once again the “meteorologists” say nothing at all

North Korea, Trump, Taxes, Flynn, and The Swamp with Michael Rivero

FBI Politics, Sessions, Bitcoin, and Censorship

Google not only Blacklists Easton Spectator, but drops their banner ads in trying to...

Yes, Easton Spectator made the list.... we come in about #175...