Both a Royal Navy veteran and People’s Party of Canada candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh, Victor Green says his party platform is a suitable alternative for disenchanted Liberal & NDP voters in the upcoming federal election. With a platform containing common sense policies to put all Canadians first, Victor proclaims that the PPC will lift up Veterans, provide support to the elderly, extend a hand to the disabled and shelter the homeless. Victor says it can be achieved by reigning in some of the unnecessary spending seen by previous governments. The People’s party plans to defund the CBC, reduce foreign aid to countries who no longer need it, in tandem with a plan to bring down inflation to 0%. The People’s Party will also scrap the carbon tax, address the housing crisis while protecting your charter of rights & freedoms. In this latest video, Victor makes an appeal to all Canadians who want to see a positive change in the cause of freedom and prosperity.


Victor Greens email: [email protected]