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Hey guys! There has been an INCREDIBLE amount of feedback on this video made by my friend Joseph aka @Qanon_Obiwan – who brilliantly explains the worldwide hysteria we are witnessing & puts “The Storm” into a great perspective for us. And since many of you were asking for pictures of the sealed indictment map layered over the virus outbreak map, I decided to edit the entire video with visuals to help support his explanation. I also added a map of where the cartel busts are currently taking place to show those are happening in the exact same hot zones as well. I hope this video provides some reassurance to those who are feeling scared, nervous, confused or whatever it may be about what is happening. For those of us who have been paying attention for the past few years, we know this is a time to rejoice & thank God. We are tearing down the Old Guard in real time & it’s nothing short of Biblical. We need to make sure we are there for those who are just learning about these shocking revelations as they will turn to us for guidance, comfort & support. If you are new to Q, you can find all of the posts on – & you can also watch the 13 minute video called Plan To Save The World by Joe M right here…