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B.C.’s online pot shop will offer 117 different strains and varieties of legal weed, cannabis minister reveals

Back when marijuana was illegal on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, the thought of two high-profile politicians arguing about which country has the best weed would have seemed absurd.

Not anymore. With legalization of recreational cannabis looming in Canada, Solicitor General Mike Farnworth is sticking up for B.C. Bud.

“The best in the world … that’s what people say,” said Farnworth, the government’s point man on legal cannabis. “Anyone who says otherwise would get an argument.”

B.C. Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth.Jen Saltman/Postmedia

He was responding to comments from a California congressman who suggested a Canada-U.S. marijuana free-trade agreement would not go well for Canadian pot producers.

“If California had the ability to export cannabis to Canada, we’d put everyone out of business,” bragged Democratic Congressman Luis Correa. “California grows the best cannabis in the world.”


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