May 7, 2018

(Natural News) There are many reasons to be concerned about the Bayer-Monsanto merger, one of the most dangerous business deals in history. While the notion of these two gigantic corporations conjoining has been highly contested, the duo finally managed to sell off enough assets to garner anti-trust approval. In a move that may soon rock the world (and not in a good way), the Department of Justice has approved the dreaded merger of Bayer and Monsanto.

Not only will the two behemoth companies come together to form the largest seed-and-pesticide company in the world, there are increasing worries about the merger will mean for the medical marijuana industry.

Writing for Waking Times, Phillip Schneider notes that their merger will spell big trouble for farmers, in the form of less competition and a decrease in leverage for farm owners. Moreover, this ghastly union could be the unsavory beginning of a total corporate takeover of the medical marijuana industry — via the patenting of GMO seeds.

Bayer-Monsanto merger could destroy budding cannabis industry

As sources explain, Scott’s Miracle Gro and Monsanto have a business partnership that delves deep into the cannabis industry. Scott’s has been particularly interested in expanding into the pot industry in states where the medicinal plant has been legalized — and the company’s CEO Jim Hagadorn has made his interest in taking over the cannabis trade widely known. In the past, Hagadorn has said that he’d be willing to spend $500 million to gain control of the medical marijuana industry.

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