by Spencer Fernando

November 27, 2017

The Trudeau government isn’t arresting ISIS fighters, they’re not eliminating them overseas, and now, they aren’t even sure “reintegration” programs will work. So what exactly are they doing?

The most important goal of any national government is to ensure the security of the country. Without security, nothing else really matters.

And yet, this basic truth is seemingly being ignored by the Trudeau government.

Each day brings a new revelation about their disturbingly weak strategy for dealing with returning ISIS fighters, and it just seems to keep getting worse.

First, we learned that – unlike our allies in the United States, Britain, France, and Australia (among many others) – the Trudeau government was not taking steps to eliminate ISIS fighters on the battlefield to prevent them from coming back to Canada.

Then, we learned that the government was planning to provide so-called “reintegration services” for returning ISIS fighters, using taxpayer dollars to coddle people who were part of a murderous death cult.

Not long after, we discovered that the government wasn’t even tracking the programs meant to “deradicalize” (as if that’s even possible), returned ISIS fighters.

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