by Spencer Fernando

August 28, 2017

Pollster says Trudeau’s tax changes could lead to more Canadians spending their money and time to defeat the Liberals.

One of Canada’s top pollsters – Greg Lyle from Innovative Research – says proposed tax changes by the Trudeau Liberals could cost them support, and help the Conservatives raise money and volunteers.

The tax changes will increase taxes on those who incorporate themselves.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to sell the changes as a measure to stop self-employed people from incorporating in order to pay lower taxes.

However, the changes will impact many Canadian small businesses, including farmers, plumbers, landscapers, and doctors. This will be a big hit to the economy, and will punish entrepreneurial job creators.

As reported by the Hill Times, Lyle “predicted that opponents of these tax measures will not only donate money to the Conservatives, but will also actively campaign against the Liberals in 2019.”

Lyle told the Hill Times that the Trudeau Liberals will make “some real enemies.”

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