by Spencer Fernando

August 25, 2017

Those who dangerously call for removing John A. Macdonald’s name from government buildings are starting a process that won’t end until Canada’s history is wiped out. Be careful what you wish for.

There is increasing discussion about removing the name of Canada’s Founding Father Sir John A. Macdonald from schools and federal buildings. Ed Note: Even in Victoria, British Columbia, PITY!

This is being pushed by those taking political correctness and historical revisionism to insane and dangerous levels, and is part of an effort to eliminate our memory of our Canadian history.

As I’ve said, that effort must be opposed. Canadians must stand up for our history, and oppose those who seek to wipe it out.

That said, we know that those who want to remove Sir John A. Macdonald’s name won’t stop there.

So, let’s do an experiment and follow that “logic” all the way:

It’s time to remove Pierre Trudeau’s name from all government buildings.

Pierre Trudeau’s name is on schools, airports, and other government buildings. However, Pierre Trudeau was one of the driving forces behind a 1969 White Paper that called for eliminating any recognition of separate Indigenous rights.

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  1. No names should be removed from anything. No statues or monuments should be taken down. History is not a trifle toy to play social justice politics. They are a recognition of history’s place. Monuments, statues, names are to be remember by all in many ways and to the personal ideals of each person caring to learn and know history and names.

    One man’s past hero may be another’s past villain.

    SJW’s and leftists of all stripes, today you erase names and tear down statues of those you do not like and often don’t really know anyways except for 21st century values, ideals and B.S. fed to your minds. Tomorrow another class of citizens may take down and erase names and statues of those you do like and rightfully or wrongfully championed… REMEMBER THAT!