by Spencer Fernando

August 20, 2017

Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set fires, causing the protest to be declared illegal by law enforcement.

A protest against La Meute in Quebec City has turned violent today, as Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set things on fire.

As reported by CTV, “the anti-fascist group set off fireworks, lit a garbage can and a flag on fire, threw bottles at police and threw chairs.”

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  1. Antifa and their allies in BLM and BAMN are all leftist, subversive groups and if authorities world wide (well in the western world, F**k the rest) do not take control over this nonsense and these groups and their FUNDERS, then SOCIETY WILL INEVITABLY TAKE CONTROL and the end result for all Commie, leftist, sjw, 3rd wave feminists and other loony libs will be horrible for them… Good people only put up with this subversive, leftist crap for so long. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!

    Governments, their bureaucracies and all authorities MUST take control over this leftist/liberal globalist crap!