by Spencer Fernando

August 18, 2017

Where are the condemnations from our “leaders?”

A Baptist Church in Burlington, Ontario was set on fire Wednesday, in what authorities are calling a “suspicious” incident.

Disturbingly, the Church was then vandalized with pro-ISIS graffitti. Photo of the graffitti can be seen in the tweet below:

The historic portion of the Church was destroyed in the blaze.

Political “leaders” silent HERE






  1. Communists and all leftists hate the west and as such hate Christian faith. They ally with Islam as an unholy alliance thinking this will gain them victory over the west.. IT WONT!

    PM “Look at my socks, If you kill your enemies they win Trudeau” will NOT call out this attack, But will be jumping over tables to with race to a microphone to call out an attack as such on a Mosque. Neither will bull dyke Premier Wynne. Lesbians like her are among the most toxic to western values. She will happily in virtue signalling walk to the top floor of a tall building and throw herself off for Islam, thinking doing so gains her their approval… Liberalism and its virtue signaling is a mental disorder.

    Haters of their own culture are the worst people on Earth. They march to see their own culture and identity die.

    The day will come when we run out of enough rope.