by Spencer Fernando

August 15, 2017

Trump’s comments have re-ignited the bipartisan criticism he received after his first comments responding to Charlottesville on Saturday





  1. President Trump, gives an honest reply to the lies of MSM. He tells it as it was. Bad actors from the left, BLM and ANTIFA incited violence at a peaceful anti-take down of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s statue protest filled with many people including a certain % of hard right Nazis and such. Reports are coming out the police were told to stand down and once doing so Soros groups backed up leftists and black lives terrorists arrived. Witnesses on the ground noted the cops appeared to evaporate and then the Communist ANTIFA and terrorist BLM arrived.

    The USA hating, western world hating MSM are quick to note of the nazi flags some people were carrying, but they never note of the hammer and sickle flags of the now DEAD USSR and its despicable communist values. Communism in all 20th. century forms has killed hundreds of millions of people, persecuted even more and stole what should have been lives of general freedom and liberty of billions of people world wide.

    But globalist elites, sell out leftist politicians and rhino politicians, the leftist MSM, Hollywood nuttar celebs, Uni-Professors and most teachers as well as most in bureaucracy COULD NOT CARE ANY LESS! Even though they benefited and benefit from the greatest society EVER, the Western Developed World!

    But people are being red pilled each and everyday.The leftist, liberal side of darkness and of misery will see its comeuppance.

    Good does not have to be perfect to prevail, it only has to be better and in winning it shall live to improve its goodness. Marxism, socialism, communism, feminism and all leftism will fail in the end as it is natural for humans to want to be free of mind, of body, of soul and of hope. Collectivism in any form is toxic and must be rooted out of the mind, body and soul of humanity.

    President Trump GETS IT and he is the beginning… it is his destiny.