August 13, 2017

(Natural News) Earlier this week, a report noted that as AT&T finalized its purchase of Time Warner, executives were considering selling off some of the purchased companies assets, including celebrity news website TMZand fake news outlet CNN, the latter of which has taken a beating in the ratings for months.

AT&T Entertainment Group chief John Stankey put the kibosh on that story a couple of days later, claiming that no, CNN won’t be auctioned off because it’s too valuable. “It would be a strategically missed opportunity if we weren’t in that business” of breaking news, he told The Hollywood Reporter, as noted by Newsmax.

Okay, we don’t really know if CNN is on the chopping block post AT&T — Time Warner merger or not. But what we do know is that the network has a penchant for publishing and broadcasting fake news about the Trump administration — even to the point of having to retract stories because they were so wrong.

So that means that media giants like Google, which have pledged not to perpetuate fake news by including bogus reporting in their valuable news feeds, will be regularly censoring CNN and other “mainstream” outlets that have also published fake news regarding the Trump administration’s “collusion” with Russia — right? (Related: The Mainstream Media Already Caught Reporting 3 Lies On President Trump’s First Day.)

Well, you’d certainly hope so. But don’t expect that to happen.

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