Published on 30 Jul 2017

Nearly every single Geongineering and Chemtrail webstites and all books I’ve read no GE, fail to take into account that 1) Our worldwide weather systems collapse decades ago and all weather is articial. 2) They use WSAC (Wet surface air coolers) to create water vapor from tens of thousand of air coolers over the word to make weather in the sky. 3) Barium salt is used to combine with WV devices and CCN, or cloud condensation nuclei in order to make rain. 4) Off the Pacific ocean, ocean Water vapor ships make weather over the ocean to reach inland to cool off and make weather now. 5) Most GE/Chemtrail websites are either completely willfully ignorant or uninformed that WV machines are being used. 6.) Doppler radar/Nexrad is used to steer the weather onshore.
Weather Wars 101………