Published on 18 Jul 2017

Why is Canada’s Prime Minister Obsessed with Islam?

Why is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau so hell bent on pleasing Muslims and constantly capitulating to Islam? Is it money? Is he an unwitting tool of globalists looking to destroy the west? Is he a half-robot alien, trying to bring about the end of the world? I’m open to any explanation for PM Zoolander’s nonsensical decisions …

For the past two years Trudeau has done a series of questionable things to show he’s very sympathetic to Muslims, even Muslim extremists who he’s now just openly giving millions of dollars to.

For the record, Canada doesn’t have a history of persecuting Muslims, there’s no ground to make up here.

In the last two years Trudeau has …

Passed a motion banning criticism of Islam. Bill M103 which singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of “Islamophobia,” a full frontal assault on freedom of speech.

He brought in tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees,” including many young men who don’t speak English of French and have little if any job skills.

He’s often visiting mosques, even segregated mosques, because, you know, feminism. When was the last time you saw him at a Mormon church or Synagogue?

Here he is wearing Islamic socks at the gay Pride Parade.
Has he forgotten that some Muslim majority countries kill gay people for their lifestyle?

And he clearly doesn’t like native Canadians, look what he said here.

All of us born here are ungrateful? That’s some statement!

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  1. Why?

    Because he is first a leftist with a strong socialist/communist bent. He was a fan of Castro, admires Communist China’s style of government. He is a proud post nationalist/globalist. He openly said Christians are the worst part of Canada. Liberal Quebec is his home and he said the best politicians come from Quebec.

    He like many liberals, leftists fall into much of the Islamic ideals as on the surface they appear to share many of the same values (IN APPEARANCE ONLY), for one leftist-communists and Islam BOTH hate western values, so “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    It’s an unholy alliance, Socialism-Communism with Islam and yes an imposter led Pope of the Catholic Church (to try to deceive those of Christian-like values). Trudeau feels he can be shallow of content as long as he talks leftist and appeases Islam to try to get their votes.

    The problem is that liberals/socialists/cultural-Marxists feel the alliance with Islam will deliver them the socialist utopia that Marxism PROMISES but cannot nor will it be able to deliver, but this alliance will work to bring down western values, the greatest human society in history ‘THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD’ as flawed as it can be.

    Once leftists, cultural Marxists get their power they will have to turn on Islam as Islam is NOT leftist, even if it seems to share some values. Islam will not stay in any alliance with Marxists if it has no real power. Conversely if Islam with an alliance with liberals, socialists, cultural-Marxists win to gain dominance over a now crushed West, it will IMMEDIATELY turn on all forms of Socialists and Marxists for these are heathens to Islam and not worthy, the winning Islamic side must then crush any and all leftist groups and identities. Women will LOSE ALL RIGHTS GAINED BY WESTERN PROGRESSIVENESS FOR ONE!

    TRUDEAU will be one of the first to go.

    Oddly if this alliance continues to go unchallenged Islam will likely win over all leftists as it’s more narrow in scope and better organized. It does not sell itself as a utopia but as a cultural/religious ideology. All leftist groups are too incoherent with and among each other. They are weaker of the two anti-liberty, anti-rights, anti-democracy, anti-human individuality ideals and as such both of these terrible ideologies are built on LYING TOO AND DECEIT OF PEOPLE!

    BUT! The western developed world WILL WAKE UP, maybe too slowly but in time will and will CRUSH both as GOOD (or at least in comparison here better) ALWAYS DEFEATS EVIL/BAD!!! Sadly we will likely wait too long out of the goodness of our hearts and our natural want for peace to not escape much pain, bloodshed and lost treasury.

    This clash of societies is playing out right now mostly in Europe today but will move elsewhere. Europe first as the E.U. is THE SOVIET UNION 2.0 circa 21st. century and is full of cultural-Marxists, other leftists and leftist sympathizers including many religious leaders in Europe.

    The USA as flawed as it has been and is along with those who will be a part of the other EYES OPEN nations will rise in Western Developed Values, righteousness of LIBERTY, JUSTICE, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, FREE MARKETS and notably having the higher average I.Q.s and beat back both all leftists, Marxists and Islamists who are waging jihad on the west.

    Trudeau and those like him will lose in ether case. If Islam wins he is as good as dead (if not politically then worse literally). If Socialism/Communism wins (I doubt it as I explained above) he still loses as neither have ever proven to functionally last longer anywhere tried than say 2-3 generations. If the western values spearheaded by the USA wins he is as good as at best politically dead! BUT WE WIN!

    Human society can endure a lot of misery and sometimes for a long time but humans always desire INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS and will rise against any person(s) or groups who try to stymie or defeat such.