by Spencer Fernando

July 29, 2017

Another slap in the face to the Canadian people.

To celebrate Canada 150, the Trudeau government created the Canada 150 Research Chairs position. It’s a $117.6 million project to hire research chairs with taxpayer money. Each research chair will serve a seven year term and will make either $350,000 or $1 million every year – which is based upon their “rank.”

Here’s the problem:

The program excludes Canadians.

That’s right, Canadian scholars in Canada are not allowed to apply for the research chair positions being funded with our own taxpayer money.

In an article for the Regina Leader-Post, Professor Raymond B. Blake – a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Funded Researcher from the University of Regina – ripped into Trudeau’s exclusion of Canadians. His criticism is worth quoting at length:

“The initiative is purely political, part of Justin Trudeau’s plan to showcase Canada internationally as a welcoming place, quite different from what he sees as the closed worlds of Theresa May’s United Kingdom and Donald Trump’s America. Unfortunately, Trudeau is playing politics in a manner that is also a slap in the face to young women and men right here. He does not believe they have the talent needed to make Canada’s universities world-class.”

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  1. How can someone who obviously hates Canada as it stands become the PM?

    OH WAIT! HIS NAME IS ‘TRUDEAU’ He has nice hair and is so superficial that socks are a part of his public demeanor, all too many voters and notably women under 40 and sjw’s, skittles immigrants, pinko-socialists, voted for this.

    Our PM is QUOTED for saying Christians are the worst part of Canada!!! He also said the best in Canada come from Quebec… TYPICAL LIBERAL-LEFTY, IDENTITY POLITICS!!! WE ARE SO SICK OF THIS FROM THE LEFT! That is one big reason why President Trump won in 2016 in the USA!

    Certainly fundamentalist Christians can be verbally oppressive and bothersome to some everyday folks, but unlike PM Trudeau’s faith of being a closet skittle or maybe he is like Castro an atheistic-commie, these fundamentalist Christians are not being violent or killing or advocating the killing of citizens who may not be like them. They just may cluck tongues, point fingers and cry out tsk tsk tsk to those they are not like.

    Trudeau has got to go in 2019.