by Spencer Fernando

July 22, 2017

In an incredibly arrogant and out-of-touch statement, Justin Trudeau referred to the outrage over his payment to Omar Khadr as nothing more than “domestic squabbles.”

Ever since news leaked that Trudeau was paying Omar Khadr $10.5 million, there has been growing outrage across Canada and much of the United States.

And yet, despite the decision being the full responsibility of Justin Trudeau, he has refused to take responsibility for it. He’s blamed everyone and everything – except himself.

Now, he’s arrogantly trying to downplay the anger, dismissing the outrage as “domestic squabbles.”

Total arrogance.

Trudeau’s out-of-touch statement comes as he is trying to blame any possible NAFTA troubles on the opposition. He seems to think that the problem is people talking about the Khadr payment, despite the obvious fact that there would be nothing to talk about if he hadn’t made the payment in the first place.

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  1. Just when you think our PM can’t go lower, be any dumber, say anything more silly… HE DOES! All the while looking to get into shallow minded Canadians selfie photos.

    The sad thing is, as stupid, unqualified, cucked, likely Luciferian, as our current PM is, the near 40% of Canadian voters VOTED FOR HIM!!!! and a lot still fawn for this tool, who if his name was NOT Trudeau would likely still be a substitute drama teacher or more likely pan handler in any city in Canada… GOD HELP US! WE ARE SORRY WORLD! As EFFED up as many other countries (notably most EU nations) are we are fast trying to reach the bottom first here in Canuckistan.