by Spencer Fernando

July 16, 2017

While many Veterans are homeless and taking their lives, Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million

In April, I interviewed Retired Corporal Michael McNeil. McNeil has been repeatedly denied treatment from Veterans Affairs Canada after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury while serving our country in Afghanistan.

McNeil was injured when his Husky vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED) – the same kind of device Omar Khadr manufactured while fighting for Al Qaeda.

I recently asked McNeil for his thoughts on Justin Trudeau’s decision to pay Khadr $10.5 million of taxpayer dollars.

(Responses edited for length and clarity with approval of Retired Corporal McNeil)

Here is what McNeil said when I asked how he felt when he heard the news:

“Well I was immediately pissed off. I have seen the video of Omar making the kind of IED’s that have killed many Canadians.2 And knowing that family members of the dead veterans get the same amount as the disabled one’s made me more mad, because the Family Members of Deceased Veterans are getting shorted just like us. The Liberals promised to give Veterans $360,000 tax free if they were elected in 2015, and when it comes time to pony up the cash to the some 4000ish disabled Veterans from Afghanistan those pricks decide to short us by reverse indexing our Payments. For example, I received $331,700ish instead of the $360,000 promised at election time. They call it “reverse indexing.” Mind you, they have been caught in so many lies it’s not even funny. Like taking away tax free tours and then giving it back months later only to blame the 

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